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This page contains information about WWW-SQL, which is a program originally written by James Henstridge. WWW-SQL is used to display information from MySQL or PostgreSQL databases in web pages. It does this with a simple embeded scripting language. The commands are embedded in special HTML tags, so it should be passible to edit the document with an HTML editor. The tags are evaluated when the page is loaded, so the resultant page will be HTML compliant (assuming the original was mostly compliant).

Please refer to the SourceForge project page for updates.

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James Henstridge is informed but not currently involved in this update.
All the blame for any new bug should exclusively fall on me, Sergio Ballestrero.
This updates were made for and sponsored by Planet srl Sistemi Informatici

Current Version

The last (released) version is 0.5.7 (by James Henstridge)

The current (development) version is available from CVS, and it adds support for:


At the moment, the only documentation is the manual distributed with the source. An online version exist on this web site.

The Source

The current source can be obtained from CVS

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